Source of innovation

PROGESCO is a group of companies that develop and manufacture innovative interactive products using a multitude of media: books, magazines, newspapers, files, DVD, radio, TV, internet, iPhone... covering a wide range of applications: pedagogical, educational, promotional, loyalty building, inter-object communication...

Boitiers test électroniques Progesco

Besides PROGESCO, the group consists of :

  • R&D lab (Tax Innovation Credit Agreement by the Ministry of the Finance and the Economy).
  • Creates tools (quiz box, website, book, DVD, etc.) in the road safety.
  • A publishing house specializing in interactive books.

The headquarters of these entities are situated in Nanterre (Parisian Region – France) where the conceptualization and development take place.

Boitiers test électroniques Progesco

PROGESCO and its employees have been awarded numerous prizes, including:

  • The Golden medal for Innovation at the 15th International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva;
  • The Oscar for applications in microelectronics;
  • An Oscar for science toys;
  • The Laureate of INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property) National Trophies;
  • Tax Innovation Credit Agreement
« You trust, we innovate »

Innovation & Progress

Constant and continuous progress is the prime objective of our business.
The name of the company PROGESCO in itself embodies the idea of progress for which we aspire. Progress is materialized in our day-to-day activities in research and development.
Innovation is the fundamental principle of our company. Our main objective is to propose to our customers new and innovative technological products, which will astonish you and will open new doors for your business.

Trust and Listening

We maintain a strong position in our core business area and welcome your participation in the creation of YOUR product adapted to your business needs. It is essential to build a co-operation which is based on trust that benefits both parties. The experience that we have accumulated and the success we have experienced through the years will allow us to assess your request and advise you throughout the product development process. We are open to create new products which don’t yet exist in our catalogue. The cocktail of your creativity and imagination, on the one hand, and of our technological know-how, on the other, will guarantee real success. It will be a real co-operation and collaboration where you, as our client, will bring your own ideas and we will make them a reality. You will tell us about your expectations as to what product you desire and we will develop it. We focus on establishing transparent, lasting and enduring relationships with all our clients or suppliers.