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Our activity

PROGESCO has been active in the market for many years. PROGESCO develops and manufactures interactive innovative tools and products that are used in various sectors: publishing (children’s books, education, school-related, extracurricular, training courses), communication (media-marketing) and the technological tools sector stay our main target sectors. We have accumulated competencies in numerous areas and are thus capable of adapting to your sector.

Our team consists of experienced professionals as well as young talents.

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TECSICO : R&D division

TECSICO : R&D division

TECSICO, which entirely belongs to PROGESCO, is located in Nanterre. It is the R&D division of the group. Our engineers create the technologies of tomorrow. We constantly keep in mind the speed of today’s progress and move fast to adapt to its pace. Conceptualization, imagination and creativity come to life with the development of our products and tools.

This division, which is part of our overall activity, allows us to directly link research with production and innovation.

Industrialization and production division

PROGESCO products are mainly assembled at the Xiamen plant.