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Technologie Progesco

Our « chip »

The electronic modules that we have developed and which we are constantly improving incorporate numerous functionalities.

This little « black droplet » concentrates all the know-how of the Progesco group, for example

  • 64 KBytes ROM,
  • 160 Bytes RAM,
  • 16 Kbytes EEPROM memory
  • An LCD controller (160 segments)
  • Various I/Os
  • a communication interface:
    • a two-way RFID/NFC (ISO 14443) - 424 Kbytes/s communication;
    • a two-way RF 2,4 GHz communication
    • ...

All of these characteristics can easily be modified.

These modules allow us to equip multiple fixed and portable devices with new functionalities to access innovative services thanks to their capacity to exchange data with a computer, a tablet, a NFC-phone, for example:

Technology Progesco Technology Progesco
Boitiers test électroniques Progesco

Magic ink

A sensor integrated into the interactive object such as a pen, a mouse, etc. detects information encoded in the printing ink and communicates whether the user chose the right or wrong answer. This information is processed by the item's electronic component which can be used for a multitude of interactive effects, e.g.: jingles, LED lights, score, duration, correct answer. Other functionalities are also possible.