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Quiz Box Progesco

Quiz box

Small interactive unit covering all QUIZ, TEST and MCQ applications: pedagogical, educational and promotional, professional and general public, school and associated manuals, exam and competition preparation, all types of MCQ, IQ, EQ, personality, health, seduction , sexuality, tests, games, general knowledge quizzes, highway code...

Principle :

SCORE : once the quiz questions have been answered, the unit indicates the number of correct answers.

CONTROL : the answer given to each question can be viewed with the question number and the correct answer or wrong answer symbol are displayed.

AUTO-CORRECTION : if the answer is wrong, the Unit displays the correct answer to the question.

DIAGNOSTIC : the SCORE (or combined SCORES from several tests) are used to calculate indices: IQ, level...

ANALYSIS and MARKS : these indices can be interpreted and used to give advice, orientate, analyse... and position the reader in respect of the averages.

Quiz mémoire Progesco

The Quiz Memory

A small unit that stores all quiz data (question numbers, correct data, etc.) allowing publishers to re-use an existing editorial background.

Souris Progesco

The Quiz Generator

A small, calculator type, electronic unit, that knows the right answers to all quizzes (tens of thousands of questions), even those that do not yet exist at the time of marketing the product!

The quiz data (question numbers, correct answers, etc.) are not stored in the unit but generated by a mathematical algorithm.